Meet the Pastor

Ron & Phyllis Cousineau (cell: 401.862.5241)

Peaking at the right time is critical to athletes if they’re going to finish well. I feel like my
life’s peaking at the right time! In just the last eight-plus years, God gifted me with a great
woman, Phyllis, and I got married for the first time at age 59! Shortly afterwards, I even did the unimaginable at my age: I got braces to straighten my teeth. And now, I’m close to
living my life dream.

God has been preparing me for a long time to live the dream. I’m a native New Englander.
I trusted Jesus as my Savior while serving in the military, cut my spiritual teeth ministering
with The Navigators, then earned my bachelor’s degree in Denver, my Master of Theology
from Dallas Theological Seminary, and after 20 years of pastoring churches in the northeast, my Doctor of Ministry degree from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Christianity in the Workplace. God’s had me on quite the training program!


I love preaching and teaching God’s Word and I greatly enjoy imparting skills to others with creativity and enthusiasm. Some have labeled me as a “catalytic facilitator”—an experientially innovative agent of change. My personal passion—my dream—is to help people discover, develop and use God's giftedness inside and outside the church. My consistent focus is on connecting people, building teams, modeling teamwork, equipping leaders, and encouraging believers—and those not yet believers.

My expertise is helping churches in transition to identify their core values, their mission, and then guide them to develop a three-year vision. I do this from the “bottom-up,” inviting
and involving the entire congregation in the process. Once we’ve developed the vision, I
help identify and train leadership that will oversee the progress of that vision. Finally, using a newly-formed pastor search committee, I then guide the church through a “bottom-up” process to identify a profile the church will use to find their new pastor. This “bottom-up” approach brings amazing healing and unity. All of this takes about 12 to 15 months.


Phyllis is God’s gift to me. A brilliant scholar with degrees in law, business management and culinary arts, Phyllis is God’s ideal helpmate for me. Trained by Peacemaker’s Ministries, Phyllis is a tremendous asset at helping to mediate healing and unity. While I take the lead, she assists me greatly as we creatively customize our process to fit each church I serve.

I’m on my way to peak condition!